Apps and Things

Tasty Appetizers

These are what we used to call apps before the kids all got those fancy phones and made it harder for us to lie to them. Get an app to share or to hoard all to yourself.

Onion Petals

A classic Sport Bar favorite.  Order them small or large and they’ll come with a tasty sauce.  You can pick ranch, Siracha ranch, homemade blue cheese or any of our tasty wing sauces. These babies are tasty.  Small 3 Large 4.5

Homemade Chips and Ridiculous Salsas

These classic recipes were perfected by generations of abuelitas and now we feed them to you.  You get a basket piled high with fresh homemade tortilla chips and two ridiculous salsas.  One is mild and one will make you regret your choices.  Mixing salsas to achieve your version of perfection is encouraged.  6.25 Killer guacamole 3

Pick your chip – Classic House Made Corn Tortilla, Jalapeno Cheddar, Garlic Herb

Nacho Perfection

We start with our fresh homemade chips and pile them high with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, black beans and jalapenos. They even come with a side of crema. Each nacho is a little slice of crunchy heaven.  9  Add grilled chicken or beef 2 – You know you want it.

Fantastically Frenched Fries                      

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we take our fries seriously here at the Sports Bar.  They start out as potatoes before being murdered with a slicer, fried up and served to you.  It’s the way fries used to be back when they were awesome.  Get them regular American style or Cajun style with a strange accent of goodness.  Small 3 Large 5.5


Cheese and Bacon Fries

You heard correctly.  Not only do we have fantastic fries, we cover them in cheese and bacon too! It’s everything you were hoping would happen today.  They come smothered in melty chessey goodness covered with bacon and scallions and served with a side of ranch 7.5

Kat’s Favorite Smothered Fries                 

Your mom will tell you to eat veggies, then she’ll order these when you’re not here.  These babies are covered in bacon, cheese, chicken, peppers, onions and more.  They come with a side of any sauce and you can have them as an app or a meal.  You’re welcome. 11.5

Chicken Tenders

They’re chicken, they’re tender, they’re good. You might call these chicken tenders for grown ups.  If you like tenders, you’ll love these.  7

Round of Shots

There’s no better way to start off a meal at the Sports Bar.  Order a round for your table or for the whole bar.  Good karma comes in little cups.   Do it.  Market Price.

Atlantic Steamed Shrimp                             

These all-American babies were caught right here in this very ocean.  Their heads are ripped off and then our expert staff steams them up for your pleasure. These are not the frozen imported commie shrimp you’ll get at home.   You can taste the difference.

Order them plain or swimming wild in a sea of Old Bay.  ½ lb 7.5 1 lb 14

See our salad menu for a fresh and healthy option.