Buxton Burgers & Dogs

Buxton Burgers and Tasty Dogs


These artisanal, small batch, homemade, handmade never frozen burgers are just what the doctor would order if the doctor knew what was good for him. They’re so good we named the whole town after them.  You should order one, or two.

All burgers and dogs come with our fresh house made tortilla chips, they’re so good!


Buxton Burger 9.5

Little Buxton Burger 5.5

Classic Meaty Hotdog 4.5


Add a Patty  3

Add Cheese, Bacon, Egg, Avacoado, Giant Pickle Half 1


All toppings are FREE, build it the way you want it!


      Ketchup                Hot BBQ                  Lettuce              Pickle Slices        Green Salsa

Yellow Mustard      Korean BBQ         Fresh Onions        Pickle Relish          Red Salsa

Spicy Mustard        Sweet BBQ          Grilled Onions         Jalapenos          Mushrooms


All burgers come with a side of our fresh made chips and you can add a salsa or upgrade to fries or onion petals to enhance your Sports Bar experience!


Chef’s Suggestions –Examples of ways you can build your burger.  Have fun!


The Classic w Cheese

An old school Buxton style burger that will enchant your dreams for weeks to come.  When you wake up with a little drool spot on your pillow you’ll know the Classic Buxton had been dancing in your head.  Don’t worry, it’s fun.  A Buxton Cheeseburger with grilled onions, ketchup, yellow mustard and pickle slices. 9.5


Black and Blue Burger

Our fresh made Buxton Burger blackened with blue cheese crumbles, lettuce, tomato 10.5


Mushroom Swiss Burger

A tasty burger with mushrooms, swiss and any toppings you’d like 10.5


Dan’s Favorite Meaty Hot Dog

These meaty dogs are quite the treat.  Dan likes his with mustard, onions, tomato and a giant pickle half.  5.5


Expert tip: Burgers pair especially well with a cold draft beer in a frosty mug!

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