Home Wrecker Wings

Home Wrecker Grilled Chicken Wings


You had a favorite place for wings and we’re about to ruin that for you forever.  It’s a story as old as time.  You go on vacation to an island in the middle of nowhere and meet an exotic new chicken wing.  Your taste buds will never be the same.


World Famous Lighthouse Sports Bar Wing Sauces

Fire Breather – Classic Buffalo – Hot Garlic – Hot BBQ – Korean – Carolina – Sissy


The Half Pounder

A half-pound of our legendary Home Wrecker Grilled Wings tossed in any sauce and served with a side of ranch or homemade blue cheese.  6 Carrots and Celery .75


The Whole Pounder      

An entire whole pound of our Home Wrecker Grilled wings tossed in 2 sauces with 2 sides of ranch and homemade blue cheese. 11.25 Carrots and celery .75


The Game Day Platter

2 lbs, up to 3 sides of ranch or homemade blue cheese and celery and carrots!  21.75


Ask about our party trays for lots of wings.  200 wings, 500 wings, no problem!

If you have the bucks we have the wings.

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