Tacos & Dang Quesadillas

Authentic Tacos and Dang Quesadillas


Bienvenido a Warez mis amigos.   Those little old abuelitas didn’t just make chips and salsa, they also made tasty tacos and some dang good dang quesadillas. They’ll remind you of that time you went to Mexico and did that thing you never told your husband about.  You remember. Those were some crazy times.


All Day Breakfast Taco

Sometimes it’s breakfast time in the afternoon.  We get it. Order up a few of these and say hello to a new day. You’ll get eggs, bacon, potatoes, cheese and a smile.  2.7


Grilled Chicken Taco

This is a taco so good you’ll think you bought a plane ticket.  You’ll get seasoned grilled chicken, fresh salsa, lettuce, cheese and new vocab words like delicioso. 2.7


Grilled Steak Taco

The steak is seasoned, grilled to perfection and chopped up in little taco sized pieces.  These come with onions, cilantro, crema, cotija cheese, a slice of lime.  You want it. 2.7


Grilled Atlantic Fish or Shrimp Taco

These tacos contain tasty sea creatures, lettuce, cheese, crema and a touch of salsa to form the greatest simple and tasty tacos to ever enter your face. 3.7


All tacos are ordered ala cart and they all go well with tequila, just saying.



Street Quesadillas


You can now get any of the above recipes expertly converted to quesadilla form with extra cheese and sides of both salsas and crema.  They come sliced in half and ready to be eaten.  For those who don’t like adventure you can also get a plain chessey quesadilla for only 2.


Add avocado slices to any taco or quesadilla 0.5

Add a small side of our killer guacamole 1

Add a frosty cold Pacifico to any taco or quesadilla 3.75

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